Boat Donation Sailboat Yacht charity helping those hit by natural disaster bth here in the United States and around the world

An IRS Approved Charity Part Of The Teams Together Charity Network

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Donate Your Boat in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Ft. Myers, Miami, Florida Keys and Most of Florida

For more information, give us a call 727-537-9283 or 727-944-6009

When you donate your boat you are passing on the dreams you had, the memories you made and the joy you found to others who will benefit from your gift. It does not matter if it's a cabin cruiser, yacht, sailboat or jet ski, you will find that Teams Together is different than most other charities. What makes us different is we keep and use many of the donated boat in our “day-to-day” operations. Your donated boat may house volunteers at a city hit by a hurricane,  use for delivering medical supplies to coastal areas cut off after an earthquake, teaching new skills to displaced workers or helping inner city youth to find a new positive focus in their life and inspire them to dream. Your Boat Donations does make a difference.

Are you thinking of selling or trading in that old boat or motor vehicle? Why not donate it instead? Teams Together Inc. For donations of your boats we have developed and provide an easy-to-use, tax deductible process to donate your boat or motor vehicle. We have a long-established program designed to meet your needs, while generating funds to help in our disaster relief efforts as well as our other programs your donations make a big difference. Here are several reasons to donate your boat or motor vehicle:

·  All your costs end

· We do all the necessary paperwork

· No more time spent in the up-keep of a boat or maintenance on a vehicle

· You get a tax deduction for the donation as allowed by the IRS

· There is no sales commission

· You are helping in disaster relief efforts here in the USA as well as around the world

· Your donation directly shows tangible results in our efforts to restore hope and change lives

If you are trying to sell your boat but not having any luck, or the expense is more than the enjoyment you're getting or you're feeling that you want to make a difference and do something to help other. Consider donating the boat to Teams Together. We are an IRS approved charity and we use many of the donated boats as part of our day-to-day operations. we just don't flip them and sell them for what ever we can get...because they are a part of our programs we can normally give you a better tax deductions than most of the other charities out there.

Give us a call 727-537-9283 or visit our website

When you give your marine gear and boats you can be assured that your gifts have a far reaching impact both here in the USA as well as with our neighbors.

Search and Rescue teams Hurricane Disaster Reliefboat Donations Help families hit hard by hurricanes and other natural disaster both here in the United States and arould the worldFire In The USA

When you donate boats to you are helping yourself as well as many people throughout the United States and the World. You will receive the HIGEST Tax write off allowed by law. Wave Missions will do all of the work. Our team of volunteers will arrange to pick up your boat donation anywhere in the United States. Plus since we are the actual charity, you get to feel confident your donation is going directly to those that need it most rather than donating to some middleman who takes up to 50-90% of the profits themselves before giving any to charity.

 Having trouble trying to sell your boat by yourself? One of the main reasons people decide to donate their boat with us is because they are tired of trying to sell the boat themselves. As we all know, BOAT stands for "Break" "Out" "Another" Thousand" and any boat owner know this is true. Unless you have a storage facility on your property, you have to pay to have the boat stored during every season, whether you use it or not. With rising gas prices, many are starting to not even use their boats for recreational activities which means the boat just sits there and starts to lose value. The next step is trying to sell the boat which means more money out of your pocket and wasted time. Placing expensive classified ads to sell your used boat and then getting phone calls at midnight and speaking with dreamers just causes more frustration than is deserved. Getting it all done is extremely fast and simple with us.

Donate That Boat Directly to Teams Together!

Call (727) 537-9283 

Read what donors say...

I know I told you already but I really want to say you guys are fantastic once again. I was trying to sell my 44 foot Sailboat for over 7 months with no luck at all. My friend Dick told me to just donate this used boat and use it as a deduction for my taxes. I asked around and everyone I spoke with suggested Teams Together so I gave you guys a call. You made this whole process very easy. Toni M - Palm Beach Florida

Hi Guys, I wanted to thank you once again for helping us with our abandoned boat problem here at our boat yard in New York. After adding the section to our contract stating all vessels left on our premises with no payment for 180 days results in an automatic donation to charity, we seem to be getting paid on time now. We of course have those that do not pay also and you have made it very easy to donate those boats to your charity. I would strongly recommend any marina or boat storage facility use Teams Together..... Greg B - New York

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My friend Bill had been trying to sell his fishing/ski boat for over 6 months I think he spent around $400 in gas and over 30 hours of his time over the last 6 months and everyone was just looking for a free boat ride. I found you online, filled out the boat donation form and within 2 hours someone called back and arranged for the free pick up. Everything was very professional and we received a nice tax break..... Connie Chicago IL.


Teams Together, Inc. qualifies as a Charity under IRS Code 501 (c)(3) and the IRS has continued our designation of this approval since 1998.

Giving to our Teams Together make it possible for us to:

  • Expand our programs to meet disaster relief efforts/needs.
  • Update our technology for use in our programs.
  • Expand our programs, facilities & training programs.

How you will benefit when you donate:

  • Have the satisfaction of knowing that your tax deductible donation benefits the programs  of Teams Together Inc.
  • Eliminate the time, energy, expense and stress involved in trying to sell your boat.
  • End all expenses now for dockage, insurance, maintenance, storage, repairs, financial investment and interest.
  • Pay no sale commissions, avoid providing buyer's marine surveys or dealing with sea trials.
  • Complete the entire transaction in a few days.

Why should I donate my vessel to Teams Together?

Because we are one of the few non-profits that can legitimately use your vessel in our programs, i.e. disaster relief and re-supply, classrooms and clinics, as well as alternative energy and propulsion systems (see our sister program at The term “significant intervening use” is an important consideration in choosing the right non-profit for your donation. In that regard, according to the IRS: “Section 7.01 (1) of Notice 2005-44, 2005-1 C.B. 1287, states that to constitute a significant intervening use, a done organization must actually use the qualified vehicle to substantially further the organization's regularly conducted activities, and the use must be significant. Incidental use by an organization is not a significant intervening use. Whether a use is significant intervening use depends on its nature, extent, frequency, and duration.” Be careful of organizations that would use a lease/purchase gimmick to satisfy the meaning of “significant intervening use.”

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